Magda Isoppo’s Wedding Dress

I would like to show you, Virgínia Manssan's friends, one of the biggest influences on my career as fashion designer: my mother (and partner here in the atelier) Magda Isoppo's wedding dress, which was designed and made by herself.

The pictures below show my mother and father, Magda and Cândido, on their wedding day, November 14th 1979, which took place on the grounds of Isoppo Family's residence.

When I was a child I used to love looking at these pictures, such unique memories of this special day. And my contacts with the dress itself created some magical moments: I pictured the stones on the embroidery as being diamonds, because the dress seemed so precious to me. I tried the dress on many times through the years, each time falling more and more in love with everything it personified.

This was my first contact with a wedding dress, and with it, all the love I feel for my craft was born. I hope you enjoy watching a little bit of our atelier's, and our lives', histories, for they are bound together by one single love: bridal dresses.

-Carolina Isoppo