Vanessa Zanetti Zadra

Dear Carol!

How do I begin to thank you for that dream dress that was made by you and your team?

How to thank all the attention, dedication, care with a dress that would make me the happiest woman in the most special and unforgettable day of my life!

Now, writing this thank you note, I'm reminded of the day that I said "YES" to the sketch that was done by you. How could I not fall in love?!?!

You can translate exactly what a bride wants, and know how to transform an almost impossible desire, to hide a mole on my back, into a beautiful reality through embellishments!

And the day which I first tried the dress on... unforgettable!

I felt a mixture of happiness and jitters, feeling like I was about to get out of there, straight to the altar!The dress was already so beautiful that I wanted to take it home on that very day.

And the hairstyles you created so that I could already picture myself on the wedding day? They were perfect! So perfect they served as samples to show my hairdresser, "Look Gil, I like this hairdo that Carol did!!"

Our meetings were so light... so fun and unforgettable!

And what about the attention I received from Magda, Cris and the rest of the staff! Such caring people!

It was wonderful to witness the happiness of all the people stopping to see the bride and the groom taking pictures in Borges de Medeiros Street, wishing us happiness and saying, "Wow, you look so beautiful", along with all the other "Wows" I heard during the party!

Saying YES to my dress, was the beginning of the fulfillment of an unforgettable dream!

A big kiss!