Suelen Euzébio da Luz

I left Bento Gonçalves with the dream dress in my mind, all the curves and contours. I drew my way that day, all the lefts and right turns that would lead me to it ... I cannot forget how radiant I felt when I saw the street where it was ... I got there, and Cau greeted me like a mother greets her son, I felt unconditional love when the door opened in the beautiful mansion on Barão de Santo Ângelo Street, and today I describe that door opening with the same feeling of the church door opening on the big day.

Cau, you received me with sweetness and lightness that few times I received from people I did not know. We walked in and my heart was pounding, and yet calm at the same time. I described the dress to you, and like a fairy waving a magic wand, you brought it out to me, it was exactly what I wanted, it chose me...

Wearing it was one of the best feelings I've ever had, it was not only a dress, it was love, tenderness, purity, lightness, essence, translated into me, I felt the most beautiful bride in the world, and even crying I still felt beautiful!

The sensation of the first fitting, the time I had to wait until I could see it again, the big day, and finally returning it to you, brought me the most wonderful and beautiful memories I have in my life ... it became part of me, and it made me cry at all times, tears of joy, tears that only those who pour them can describe.

Cau, to you and your entire Virgínia Manssan team, my thank you for making me the most beautiful and happiest bride in this world, and for sharing with me the happiness of being a Virgínia Manssan bride.