Simone Lender de Azambuja

What can I say about this magical place and dress? So many things! Starting with the unpretentious first visit I made to the Atelier  accompanied by my mother. Felipe and I decided to get married, and I, being a true Virgo, got straight into the task of choosing the bridal dress. I called my newlywed friend and she told me, "Go to Virgínia Manssan Atelier, at the very least you'll be very well received, and get to find out what kind of dress fits your profile." Without knowing anything about this wedding business, I called you on a Monday and set up a meeting on Saturday. Behold, Carol told me she wouldn't be able to meet me for the next two Saturdays. I nonchalantly asked if she couldn't see me on that very same day, and turns out she could!!! I went with my mother, totally unassuming.... ILLUSION ... My dress was the 4th one I tried on... and I remember Carol telling Magda: "Bring that one"... Yes !!! That was THE dress!!! I felt very much "the bride" and knew I was ready for the big day! No stressing out about the dress, and amazing service!!! I don't drink champagne, but my mother loved it! In addition to this GORGEOUS wedding dress, we picked out my mother's dress.

Ever since that day, the name Virgínia Manssan is always at the tip of my tongue when someone asks me to recommend a bridal atelier... Understanding the bride is essential on that road to the ceremony. This patience, care and attention, Carol and Magda have to spare! We are no longer a bride, are the BRIDE! And I have to thank all you have done for me before and during the day of the big event! Getting ready with you guys in the day itself was phenomenal.

I thought fondly of every detail of our ceremony and noticed that everything in our wedding was just the way we wanted! A special night with the company of all our relatives and friends can only be perfect! And ours was...

Now that we're married we aim for our bond to get stronger every day!

Thank you for all the smiles! Stepping into the Atelier was my first action towards a smooth wedding planning, and I'll never forget that evening in which my dreams came true!


Simone Lender de Azambuja