Silvia Menegat

I’d never been one of those girls who dreams about getting married since childhood, let alone in a wedding dress; but life makes us change our dreams, and there I was… a bride!

I’ve always searched for originality and creativity in everything I do, and it couldn’t be different on my wedding day. Every detail of our wedding was thought of with a lot of care and commitment. Looking for an ideal dress ended up being a frustrating task to me; every store, every designer I met was just another disappointment, because all the models I had the chance to see looked too similar, with no creativity. And I would ponder on the reasons why brides who saw their wedding ceremony as the biggest dream of their lives would be satisfied by such ordinary thing, so lacking of personality.

That’s when I met you, Carol. I came to your atelier with my laptop under my arm, where I kept at least 50 references, and I showed you what I liked and disliked in each of them. On top of that, in none of the references I was really able to see the dress that I wanted... then you – always so talented –listened to every critique on every reference I’d brought and, as if out of magic, drew on paper exactly what I was looking for. A little bit of each reference, but with all the details that I cherished, something I could call my own, which reflected my personality and wasn’t just another wedding dress; I had exactly what I was looking for: a pinch of spice, yet grounded in elegance. But how would it be possible for one to absorb all that information and put it together in a harmonious way? It was obviously doubtful  to me that, on my first visit to a store, I would find the solution that in many other ateliers I hadn’t even gotten close to. However, once again, she showed competence and, on my own body, built a dress which even for her was something quite unprecedented. At this very moment, I assured myself, “I’ve found it!” It was you.

You were very solicitous at every tryout. I say my dress was made out of the integration of my ideas and your talent to conceive it; by the way, big props on your competence and good taste above all! I confess I was a bit scared and, at the same time, excited when you suggested the sharpness of a puffball dress to a bride, but I really didn’t want to be just another bride, neither would that be just another dress. At this point, I had already realized how important that piece would be in my life, maybe even the most important. And it was! It was made for me, from the planning and studying of each detail, the dress in deed reflected my soul. And believe me, I heard it from every guest who mentioned the dress to me.

I’m sure my dress wasn’t made just out of commitment, but also out of a lot of love. I thank you for your attention and I know for a fact that you are an excellent professional and your light will shine brighter and brighter as you continue to turn dreamy brides into accomplished women!