Rafaela Daros

I think most women are born dreaming of their bridal dress. And it was the same thing that happened to me. I always dreamed of a dress that was delicate, romantic, and which represented all the feelings provided by this moment.

Looking through Gabi Chanas' website, I found your atelier's website. And the moment I visited it, I knew it was the right place.

On the date set for my visit, a rainy day in April and only 2 months away from the wedding day, I met Magda and Carol such incredible people.

I didn't arrive with the exact image of the dress I wanted, but I knew it should be full of lace and daintiness.

I tried on one the newer dresses, designed by super Carol, and it was very romantic. It was love at first sight. The feeling I had was that the dress had been made just for me.

Perfect. It portrayed the exact idea of romance that I was looking for. It was modern, because the skirt featured cut up pieces of tulle, conveying lightness and airiness to the piece. It was a work of art in pure white, which would become a part of one of the happiest moments of my life.

Today when I look at the pictures, I remember how magical that moment was, and also how amazing it was to wear that dress, I even remember the nice frangrace about it.

I received many compliments on the dress, but I'm sure that the care and dedication of Magda and Carol were undescribable and unique for making this moment even more special.

To you, I give my thanks for the affection, reliability and dedication you showed on every step of this preparation.

I'm sure that many more weddings will come, and you will make many more brides happy, and, thanks to your immense talent, you will be a part of the stories of many new couples.

So, I gi