Nátaly Timm Y Castro

Making a wedding preparation a peaceful event depends mostly on the choices of professionals we want on our side until the big day ... especially for the bride's dress!

I remember my first visit to the atelier, Carol sat down and carefully listened to all that I said, she looked at pictures I brought of my dream dress, and told me: "Glad you came here, no one else will be able to make this dress the way we will". If I still had any questions, they were answered right there!

During the process, which was always very peaceful, we built much more than a dress, we built up my dream, because my expectations were too great - the style was already chosen before I got engaged! And it was perfect!

I just have to thank the love that you have dedicated to my dream, and to me as well! Always very thoughtful, you have made the preparation for my big day something even more special!


Nátaly Timm Y Castro Ely