Natalia Serro Mies

The dress is the materialization of the dreams of every bride. In fact, every bride feels truly a bride only from the moment she first puts on the dress. In my case, at least, that's how it was.

On the first day I tried on the dress, and it was made of lining fabric only, I already felt like a bride, and I was sure that I would be the bride who I always dreamed of being. I realized from the very beginning, from our first meeting - me and the dress - that it was made for me. Love at first sight. Yes, there is such a thing!

I always wondered how my ideal dress would be. A year before the date set for the wedding, I paid a visit to the Atelier and met Cau. I told her what I wanted, tried on a couple of dresses, and she ended up convincing me to try something different from my original idea. And she was right!! My search ended there. I did not visit any other studio, because I was sure from the start that this would be one of the best decisions related to my wedding.

Thank you Cau and Magda for materializing my dream in such a perfect and loving way. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms and full of love in each visit, and making this process so delightful! May you continue being so successful, and may we find each other in many happy times to come!

Big kiss!

Natalia Serro Mies