Kátia Niederauer

Carol and Magda, you were exceptional!!! I was very happy and super satisfied with the outcome... The dress was a real reflection of my personality. The care and attention were of great importance for everything to have worked the way it did. I couldn’t forget to mention the importance that Carol had on the wedding day… a darling, she accompanied me from the beginning, with the make-up artist at the hotel, with that soft and sweet voice of hers, which ends up making all the difference on a day in which you are nothing but a nervous wreck. I remember I was all ready (with my dress and makeup on) when I panicked and started  feeling ugly lol!!! Holy Carol, I don’t know what I’d have done without you there by my side! My psychology went all down the drain. Today, when I recall it, I catch myself in stitches, although it didn’t seem quite so funny that day.

In short, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you gave me at such an especial moment. I’d like to say that I couldn’t have picked better people to do it; it was just like I’d wished it were!