Karoline Wentz

My story with Virginia Manssan Atelier began in late 2013, when I started the search for my wedding dress!

I tried on several dresses, went to several stores, but when I arrived at Virginia Manssan and met Carol, all the search ended there... the care, attention, affection with which she treats brides are unmatched.

With the few words I used to describe it, she could see my dress...

When she brought it out for me to try it on, I immediatly had the feeling like the dress spoke to me: I am your dress!

The dress chose me... it was te one...

But brides are insecure, I was alone that evening... I returned with my mother, who, upon seeing the dress, agreed: this is the one!

This one... strapless... but I wanted something more, some detail, and Carol brought out a rather delicate bolero, so my chest would be beautifully covered up during the ceremony... just like I wanted!

I already miss my dress... but I keep on admiring the pictures and remembering how it all worked out.

I can only thank you, Carol and Magda, for all the warmth, care and commitment you have to the brides.

From the earrings to the garland and the dress, they were all amazing.

Congratulations, and success, today and always.


Karoline Wentz