Jéssica Taísi Ahlert

I met Carol, Magda and Virgínia Manssan Atelier at the end of 2013. From the very first meeting, I was welcomed and treated like a princess. I was looking for my dress for a few months already, and that was the place where I found it, the dress of my dreams, just the way I always imagined it would be!

In the first meeting I had with Carol Isoppo, I told her all the features I wanted in my dress. Carol's voice transpired tranquility and peace, and I found her to be such a kind and gentle person. When we wrapped up the conversation she said, "Jessica, I have a dress that you're going to love, I'm sure you will not want to see any other dresses after this one." No sooner said than done! When I tried it on, I just could not see myself in any other dress! Carol managed to capture my taste and my personality right away, and showed me the dress of my dreams. I always thought it was such a cliché thing to say that the dress chooses the bride, but that's exactly what happened to me. I was so moved that day, as was my mother, and every other visit I paid to the atelier to try on the dress made me even more thrilled. Every time I tried it on, a new detail appeared! I tell everyone that my dress was embellished by fairy hands... with such sofistication in every delicate detail. I was always treated with love and care by the girls in each and every visit I paid to the atelier while making my dress.

My wedding was beautiful! Everything went as planned, and when I look at the pictures I get more and more delighted and happy with the choice I made for my dress. I wholeheartedly thank the dedication of Carol, Magda and the entire Virgínia Manssan team, who were part of the happiest day of my life, part of the achievement of a
beautiful dream!

Congratulations for your work! I wish all the success for all of you.

Kisses and big hugs from the bride, Jessica