Carlise Kronbauer

I am Carlise Kronbauer Vieira, I'm 30 and I am visually impaired.

I first rented a wedding dress in my city, located on the outskirts of the capital, but was
unsure about the choice. So I decided to go looking for someone who really understood the
wedding dress and could clear up my doubts.

I came upon the contact of Virgínia Manssan Atelier by chance on the internet.

I wrote an email to the studio and Carolina replied, perfectly describing the dress that I had
previously rented, and invited me to the store to see their wedding dresses.

I arrived and got a warm welcome by Carolina and Magda! I got great customer service, which
made me confident to choose my dress.

As I tried on the dresses, I felt that each one was more beautiful than the next, which made
me sure I should toss the dress I had previously chosen.

I loved the fact that Carolina did my hair, put on my earrings, wreath and veil, so that I
could see the final result.

At last, one of the dresses was chosen and fixed to my measurements.

Carolina also made a doll with a dress just like mine, which allowed my blind relatives and
friends to touch it and figure out how my dress looked. I loved the creativity!

Each time I put on my dress for a fitting was unforgettable, and the final fitting will be
forever in my memory.

I thank Carolina and Magda for the care, the peacefulness, and the positive energy.

My wedding was held on January 4th 2014. It was wonderful to hear people telling me I was
beautiful as I stepped into the church!

I really felt like a princess!

Virgínia Manssan will forever be in my heart, Carolina and Magda were angels that God placed in
my life, to turn anguish into great joy!

So, it was wonderful to get to know Virgínia Manssan Atelier, as it is a store ready to
accommodate the visually impaired. I felt included, that means, a bride just like any other!