Andrea Wieck

Felipe and I got married on 22/03/14. It's been almost two months since that day, and I'm looking for the right words to thank all the affection and the work of Carolina and all the team at Virgínia Manssan.

I clearly remember the day I first got to the Atelier, a little discouraged, I must confess. I always wanted to get married, but I never had thought of a dream dress. I just knew I wanted a different dress, that matched my style, but still a traditional wedding dress. I went there with two of my bridesmaids, and Carol, sensing my uncertainty, started talking to me. Asked me where would the ceremony be, how we were planning the party, what kinds of things I liked... until there came two crucial questions: if I like transparency (Yes, I do), and if I wanted the dress to be pure white (no!!! I love new styles!).

In the face of my answers, Carol was explaining to me that she wanted me to try a dress not yet finished, from the new collection, and I had to imagine how it would look in my size, after it was done. When I put on the dress, even before zipping it up, much smaller than my size, I knew I would get married in this dress! My bridesmaids shivered with anticipation, and I said they could call my boyfriend, I was gonna marry him then and there! Carol, very collected, told me to go home and think fondly. What for??? Said and done, that night I had nightmares that someone bought the dress before me! It was horrible! The next day, I called Carol and I booked the dress for myself! That was over a year before the wedding!

Closer to the wedding date, I returned to the atelier to make the final adjustments. At each meeting we talked, and made the dress more and more tailored for my personality. The dress was all thought up by Carol, but was cut and detailed with help from me, my mother and my bridesmaids. Carol was so bright that she could translate that which I did not know how to put into words, into the most wonderful dress in the world.

On the wedding day, Carol's calm and sweet demeanor were essential. She helped me get dressed, to be calm and collected. She helped not only me, but also my parents and my goddaughter, who was my flower girl.

Carol, I cannot thank you and the entire staff of the Atelier enough. I definitely did not want to get out of the dress even to go to sleep, and saying goodbye to it was so painful! Thank you for having made the most wonderful dress in the world for the most wonderful day of my life.