Ana Caroline Gelatti

The wedding dream is born within most women at a very tender age. But, we do grow up, and life goes by in a flash, and, as if by magic, we are woken up inside this dream, just as it begins to come true. At this point, all the desires, expectations, feelings, and inspirations flourish within us, taking control of our family, friends and everyone around us as well.

So it was, that on February 28 2013, I woke up inside Virgínia Manssan with the long awaited and expected task of choosing MY WEDDING DRESS. I still had to wait exactly seven months for the big day, but, for me, at that exact moment it all started becoming reality.

I had many doubts about my dress, and that's when I found out I was surrounded not only by the best professionals, but also by very sensitive, thoughtful, friendly and passionate people. That's how Carol won me over: she was able to interpret something inside me, which not even I knew to be my desire, creating a dress that made my dreams come true.

Carol and Magda, thank you for your dedication, affection, care and concern in turning so many dreams into reality, and making us feel like the most accomplished brides in the world!